Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. How do I get my car and driver details?
    A. Car and driver details will be updated in the itinerary no later than 24 hours before the pickup time and will be send as email/sms to you.

  2. Q. Where do I meet my driver?
    A. If you are arriving at an airport, the driver will be waiting for you in arrivals holding a 'meet & greet' board with your name on it. We will contact you if we have any difficulty finding you. If the pickup is from a hotel or any other location, the driver will call you 15-45 minutes before the pickup. You can find the driver contact details on the itinerary so you can ring the driver should you need to. If you need any support you can always contact our 24/7 customer support.

  3. Q. What is included in the taxi fare?
    A. The estimate includes driver fees, driver allowance (BATA), waiting charges, fuel and tax. But does not include inter-state tax, toll and parking; these are nominal amount which varies and can be paid directly to the authorities.

  4. Q. How can I pay for the taxi?
    A. We accept cash, bank transfer, credit cards and online payments. You can find more details about payment methods at .

  5. Q. What is your payment policy?
    A. Fifty percent of the fare must be paid in advance as a deposit. Balance amount must be settled at the end of the trip. You can also make full payment online.

  6. Q. Can I pay the driver?
    A. You can pay directly to the driver. The driver will provide receipt voucher for the amount paid.

  7. Q. How can I make a booking?
    A. Please visit to make a booking online. You can also contact our support team to make a booking over the phone. You can find our customer support contact details at .

  8. Q. How can I change my booking?
    A. Please visit the page . You may also contact our customer support. You can find our customer support contact details at .

  9. Q. How can I cancel my booking?
    A. Please visit the page You may also contact our customer support. You can find our customer support contact details at .

  10. Q. What happens if you do not answer my call?
    A. We have a fantastic track record when answering customer calls. Due to any technical or weather reasons if we were unable to attend your call, you can try other options which can be found at .

  11. Q. Where can I enquire about lost items?
    A. Please contact our customer support. You can find our customer support contact details at .

  12. Q. How do I make a complaint?
    A. We strive to deliver the highest standards to our customers. However, we recognise that on occasions things can go wrong. We have processes to handle these situation. If you have a complaint, you should contact our support team.

  13. Q. How do I provide feedback?
    A. After your journey has been completed we will email you asking for your feedback. You may also share your feedback by visiting the page .

  14. Q. What is your cancellation policy for hotel and airport transfer?
    A. For hotel and airport transfer there is no cancellation charges if cancelled at least 6 hours prior the pickup time. Full fare will be charged if cancelled less than 6 hours prior the pickup time.

  15. Q. What is your cancellation policy for tour packages?
    A. For tour packages there is no cancellation charges if cancelled at least 12 hours prior the pickup time. The fare for the first day will be charged if cancelled less than 12 hours before scheduled pick up time.

  16. Q. Do you have a minimum fare?
    A. Yes minimum fares are applicable as per the destination which will be mentioned in the itinerary. This means that if the total fare for your journey is less than the minimum fare, you will need to pay the difference so that the total amount you pay will be equal to the minimum fare.

  17. Q. My journey was not completed how do I get a refund?
    A. In the event your booking was cancelled, your refund after deducting the cancellation charges if any will be processed automatically. This can take up to 3 working days to show in your account.

  18. Q. My driver is quoting a different price than the estimate I received. What should I do?
    A. The fare provided earlier is an estimate for reference purpose only. Certain factors such as traffic, weather conditions, road deviations, changes in the route may affect the actual fare you are charged. Once the trip is completed you can check the actual fares online at or by contacting the customer support. You will receive a receipt from the driver and we will send an invoice to your email address.

  19. Q. What happens if the Taxi breaks down midway?
    A. As a policy we provide only vehicles which are in very good running condition. Minor repairs can be rectified in minutes. In case of major break down, we shall arrange an alternate taxi. It is our endeavor to ensure you reach your destination with minimal loss of time and comfort.

  20. Q. Should I tip the driver?
    A. Tipping is voluntary and are not included in the fare. If you are happy with the driver's service then it is customary to tip the driver, entirely to your discretion.

  21. Q. Is it possible to get a SIM card while we travel?
    A. SIM cards are available at international airports from the kiosks of mobile service providers. These kiosks are located immediately after the immigration and customs clearance. Alternatively, you can also buy a SIM card from the outlets of service providers or from re-sellers. You will need to provide two passport size photographs, photocopy of your personal, photocopy of your Indian visa and a proof of where you will be staying. Usually, the SIM card will be activated within 24 hours.